Travel Packing Tips from Travel Experts

Travel Packing Tips from Travel Experts

I am so happy to share with you some travel packing tips that I’ve collected from several Filipino Travel Bloggers who are kind enough to share their best packing tips for us travelers.

These helpful tips would make our life easier in terms of packing for a trip.  Special thanks to all Travel Bloggers who have contributed their knowledge based on their experiences from years of traveling and packing. Hope you can find time to visit their blogs and read their stories of travels and adventures.

What travel packing tip do you want to share to Filipino travelers?

“Create a general packing list which includes all the necessary items that you regularly bring when you travel. Whenever you have a trip, just edit it depending on how many days your trip is (number of clothes) or where you are going (beach, mountain etc.) to make sure you are ready for your trip. Remember to pack light – do not overpack, you can always wash your clothes if needed, when traveling.”  –  Glen Santillan of

“I wish I knew from the start that you didn’t need so many things in your backpack. Throw out the guidebooks, sleeping bag, hair dryer, gadgets, bulky souvenirs and other unnecessary gear. I would have saved my back and extra baggage cost.” – Lois Yasay

“Pack light and just bring the essentials.  A great example would be investing in microfiber towels. It dries quick and saves a lot of space.”Paula of and

I always secure my clothes in a plastic bag to avoid getting wet.” – Mervin

“I always bring a compact power strip so I can charge all my devices at the same time. Many hotels have limited outlets.

I also bring my portable luggage scale to avoid overweight luggage fees.”Leslie of

“Pack wash-and-wear polyester shirts for long trips. This kind of garment is lightweight and dries off quickly after washing. It is resistant to wrinkles as well. This clothing also helps you save space in your backpack.”Mark of

“Plan your travel outfits in advance so you’ll know exactly how much clothes you need to bring. Better if you can invest in pieces that you can easily mix and match. I also use a packing checklist to make sure I don’t forget anything. And as if that’s not enough, I pack days (even weeks) ahead of my travel date, so I still have time to add or remove things from my bag until I’m comfortable with its weight.  ” – Kat

“Always keep a small medicine kit with you. You will never know when you need it. And bring Zip Lock Plastic bags in different sizes. Zip lock bags can be use as a food container and keeps your things/gadgets dry.”Kathleen de Gracia of

“Bring only small sachets or small bottles of toiletries. This will save space and much lighter to carry. Also, make a list of what to bring a day before the trip, so you wouldn’t miss anything in case you still have to buy that stuff.”  – CA De Ramos of

Invest in basic dri-fit pieces you can mix and match so you don’t have to pack so many clothes. I like using convertible hiking pants that can turn into shorts so I have options depending on the weather.”Kara Santos of

What is that one thing that you always bring in your trip that you cannot travel without? Why do you always bring it?

A notebook. It’s important for me to record my thoughts as the journey unfolds. I do it partly as inspiration for my blog posts. But I also love revisiting travel notebooks from years ago and reliving the adventures.”Lois Yasay

“I always bring extra money.  We never know when emergencies happen specially when on the road.  And of course, lots of prayers. :-)”Paula of and

I always bring my sarong which is a multi-purpose piece of cloth that I could use in so many ways.”Mervin

Always bring ziploc baggies in your luggage and your bag. It’s uses are endless.“ Leslie of

“I always bring a travel adaptor set for my electronic devices. By doing this, I don’t need to worry about the adaptor specifications of the country I’m visiting. In some cases, hostels don’t have spare adaptors, so my own set would come in handy.”Mark of

“I always bring a scarf because it’s so versatile. It can easily dress up a plain outfit, keeps me warm on the bus/plane, can be used as a cover-up when visiting temples etc. The possibilities are endless.” – Kat

I always bring a sarong every trip beacuse it is so multi purpose.  It serves as my blanket when in plane or bus, scarf during the tour, or a semi towel in most of the swimming time.”CA De Ramos of

I usually bring items like a swissknife, sarong & multipurpose headware because these always come in handy and serve a lot of purposes during trips. The headware can be used as a bandanna, dustmask, blindfold for sleeping on buses and planes, as a wristband for trekking (and wiping off sweat), headband & tube top for swimming.Of course, I always bring a camera to document my trips!”Kara Santos of


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