PACCUBE is created because of our passion for the outdoors and  love for travelling. We love sports such as mountain climbing, swimming, road and trail running.  We also love to explore different places so we are always on the go.

Wanting to have gears that fit our needs, we created our own. It all started when we created packing cubes for our own use.  Then we gave them as gifts for our friends.  And then because of the good feedback we received, we started to offer the products to others.  We continuously create new products as ideas come in.

Our products are proudly Philippine made specifically designed for travel and outdoors.  We take pride in making durable products by taking our products on the road for testing and constantly improving on the quality.

PACCUBE strives to solve your organizing problems when you’re out there traveling or active into sports.

PACCUBE products are simple, very useful and designed to simply make packing easier!