How to use the KonMari Method in Packing

How to use the KonMari Method in Packing

 Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant and author, has become a household name with her technique for tidying, the KonMari Method. This method can also be used in packing.

Here’s how you can use the KonMari Method in packing:

1. Make a packing list – Start by making a list of what you need. Imagine yourself on the trip and think of the things that you will need.

2. Lay every stuff in your bed – Take out all the things in your list and lay them all in the bed. Then check if each item sparks joy. When a shirt doesn’t spark joy when you wear it at home, then it most probably wont spark joy when you use it in your travel, so leave it behind.

3. Be minimalist when packing. Do not overpack and pack only the clothes that you will wear. Leave some extra space in your luggage in case you buy some stuff that you love from the destination. Marie Kondo says that you only fill 50% of your luggage. Though this seems challenging.

 4. Fold clothes properly and place in packing cubes, kits and pouches. Marie Kondo has her way of folding clothes in a way that it saves space, looks clean and nice, and avoid wrinkles. In packing, after folding the clothes, place them in packing cubes to help you organize your stuff in the luggage and make everything easy to find.

5. For toiletries, bring only stuff that you will use and place them in small travel-sized containers. You don’t need to bring those big bottles of shampoo, lotion, etc. Put everything in a Toiletry Kit.

6. For shoes and slippers, place them in shoe bags to avoid the dirty soles touching the clean clothes.

7. For cables, chargers, camera accessories, and other electronic gadgets, organize them and keep them properly in Cable pouches or gadget organizers. This will protect your gadgets

8. Once everything is packed in cubes, kits, and pouches, place them in your favorite luggage

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