Family Camping: Things to do in Soloviento, Caliraya

Family Camping: Things to do in Soloviento, Caliraya

When there’s a holiday, my husband and I make it a point to go on a family trip to relax and unwind. Last August holiday, instead of our usual weekend getaway, we decided to go on a camping trip with our mountaineer friends and their kids. We chose to visit Soloviento which is a resort in Caliraya. We loved the place because of the relaxed ambiance. The place is so serene and peaceful, you can just sit, look at the lake and listen to the wind.

Soloviento is a nice place to bring your kids because of the different activities you can do there.  Here are some of the things you can do in Soloviento:

  • Kite Flying

This is a fun activity which kids will surely enjoy. Making your own DIY kite at home is one additional activity which you can do with your kid. But if you don’t have time or talent to make a kite, you can just buy one from any toy store.

  • Water Sports Activities

Soloviento offers a lot of water sports activities. Our kids enjoyed swimming in the lake, riding paddle boards, and kayaking. Other activities include fishing, boat cruising, windsurfing/kiteboarding lessons.

  • Camp outdoors

               You can bring your own tent or you can rent a tent from Soloviento if you want to camp outdoors.  Though there are room accommodations in the resort, it is a great   experience for the family to sleep in a tent.

  • Camp fire activity

You can request the resort to put up a camp fire for your bonding activity at night. You can cook hotdogs around the campfire. Don’t forget to bring long sticks so it can be safe for kids. You can also make smores. Just bring marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. Aside from cooking, you can do other activities like games, storytelling, or singing.

  • Kid’s Play

              The resort has a wide grassy area where kids can play and just run around. You can bring  your own ball or Frisbee. The kid’s imagination and creativity will work in this place.

  • Eat

             Since the resort do not allow bringing of food, they have a restaurant where you can eat anytime of the day.  One of the resort owners is Ms Connie of Connie’s Kitchen so the food in their restaurant is really good. Their menu is a combination of Filipino and Italian food. We liked their pasta and pizza, and the Tinola and Chopsuey are good too.

  • Just relax

             There are hammocks and swings around the place. You can just sit and relax or just read a book, or just look at the view or just do nothing in this place.

Soloviento is located at Lumban, Caliraya, Laguna. Travel time from Manila to Soloviento is 2.5 to 3 hours.  For more info, you can visit their website

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