Who else wants Less Stress and More Fun when on vacation?

Start by packing light and packing smart. Here are 10 ways to pack lighter for a trip.

Reduce the size and weight of your bag so you can have more freedom and less stress when travelling.  Here’s how you can cut down the size and weight of your bag without giving up some important things that you need to bring.

1.  Use the right bag

Choose a bag that suits your destination. If you’re going to a place where there is paved road and you will most likely ride taxis or private cars, use a rolling suitcase.  If you’re travelling to a bumpy/dirt road, will ride trains and buses, and will be transferring from one spot to another, a backpack is a better option.  Make sure to use a bag that is light, not bulky, and durable. Using the right bag is important in making your travel stress-free and more fun.

2. Downsize your toiletries

Instead of packing the big bottle of shampoo and bringing the large bar of soap, pack only the quantity that you will use on your trip.  Use travel-sized containers and bottles to hold the toiletries.  Keep in mind that many hotels provide free toiletries which means you may not have to bring them at all.

Here are more tips on how to pack a toiletry kit. Read more here.

 3. Bring light and dual-purpose clothing

Invest on clothes with lighter material like polyester or spandex. Aside from being light, it is easier to dry if in case you need to wash your clothes for longer trip. Instead of a regular denim, use light-weight pants or stretchy jeans. It can take up half the space of denim jeans. Use dual purpose clothes such as pants that turn into shorts and jacket that can be used as a pillow.  Not all clothes are worth their weight. Leave behind pieces that are bulky and with heavy material.

4. Leave the laptop or tablet behind

If you’re going on a leisure trip, leave the laptop or tablet behind (if it’s possible!). Your smart phone might be enough to check on emails, update facebook, check on twitter, or search the web.  Better yet, disconnect from the internet world so you can focus more on your destination and enjoy the activities.

 5. Change to a lighter wallet/purse

Most of us, especially the women, have bulky wallets.  Aside from money, it contains credit cards, discount cards, debit cards, atm cards, old receipts, pictures, and other small stuff that we like putting in our wallets.

Leave your bulky wallet and transfer the important cards that you will use on your trip to a lighter and thinner purse. This will minimize the weight of your carry-on bag.

 6. Consider layering

If you’re going to different places with multiple climates, consider layering. The same lightweight shirt that you will wear on a humid place can be used as the base layer when you wear your fleece jacket and rain jacket in a cold place.

Layering allows you to make quick adjustments based on your activity level and changes in the weather. There are 3 layers you can wear when out on the cold. (1) Base layer manages moisture (synthetic fabrics), (2) Insulating layer protects you from the cold (wool, goosedown, or fleece), (3) Shell layer or Outer layer protects you from wind and rain (waterproofed breathable shells).

Thru layering, you don’t need to bring a very bulky and heavy jacket which you cannot wear when the weather becomes a bit humid.

 7. Bring the right shoes

Wear your most comfortable walking shoes when travelling. Invest on light weight and durable shoes which you can use a lot for walking without hurting your feet. If you want to bring extra shoes, make sure to limit it to just one. Wear your bulkiest shoes during the flight so you won’t need to pack it in your bag.

 8. Make a packing list based on the itinerary and follow it

Few days or 1 week before the trip, make a packing list.  It is better if you have a
standard packing list that you can use every time you need to pack. Make sure to follow your packing list and avoid bringing extra stuff that will make your bag heavier and more bulky.

 9. Do not bring what’s available in your hotel

Just before packing, call or email your hotel and ask if there are available toiletries in the room like shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, cotton buds, and other things. Ask also if a towel will be provided. You don’t have to bring them if they are already available. It will help a lot in making your pack lighter.

 10. Use a compression sack or packing cube

A packing cube helps a lot in organizing all your packing needs by combining similar items together to make them easy to find when needed.  The cubes keep your clothes tidy and organized. They allow you to find what you are looking for without taking everything out of your bag. They are also used to separate clean clothes from dirty clothes.

Using packing cubes or compression sacks will surely help you in having a stress-free travel.

Do you have other tips to help travellers pack light to make their vacation less stress and more fun?  Share your tips and comment below.

Thank you!